Once the assessment is completed, Central Registry decides whether the facts gathered during the assessment meet the definitions of child abuse or neglect contained in state law.

Central Registry will then decide either to pursue a full investigation, or to close the case.

Upon Central Registry’s completion of the investigation, they will send a written response to the mandated reporter which includes Central Registry’s determination in the case, whether legal action was taken, and a reminder that the information in the response is to remain confidential.

If the child is not in the custody of their parent/guardian, and informing the parent/guardian is not seen as an endangerment to the child, they will be notified as soon as they are identified.

Individuals named as alleged perpetrators of abuse will be notified by Central Registry in the course of their investigation.

Unless danger is present, CPS social workers try to keep a family together. If possible, the child will remain in the home. If danger exists, the county social service agency must receive a petition from the court before a child can be removed.

Law enforcement and medical professionals may take temporary custody of a child in danger. When this happens, the court and Child Protection Services must be informed by the next regular business day.

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Two months have passed since Lisa reported her suspicions. He was temporarily moved to live with his local grandparents while his parents receive treatment. His grandmother brings Jack to school and picks him up every day.

He is clean now. He no longer smells bad. He eats like a normal six-year-old. Best of all, he smiles sometimes.

What Lisa did was very hard for her—but it was the law. And it made a big difference to one little boy.