Make a Report

To submit a report, call (855) 444-3911, or visit

If you've made the report over the phone, you must submit a 3200 Report within 72 of the phone call.

3200 Report-Word Document 3200 Report-PDF

Submit the 3200 report by one of these three options:

  1. Email
  2. Mail
    Centralized Mail Intake (State of Michigan DHHS)
    5321 28th Street Court SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  3.  Fax (616) 977-1154 or (616) 977-1158

If submitting online, visit and click the "Partnerships" tab. On the "Welcome MDHHS Partners" page, click the "Mandated Reporters" link on the right, and then click the "Register" button below [click the "Login" button if you have an active registration in Michigan Bridges].

Once you have registered and/or logged in, you will have access to the Mandated Reporters Dashboard where you can file a report by clicking the "Create a new complaint" button.